Valentine's Day, Shmalentine's Day...

VDay is just like...the worst. The cheesy commercials, the overdone displays in the stores with the ugly stuffed animals and terrible boxes of chocolates, and all the pink and red (which really is a color combo no-no, in my book.) 

I'm so over it, I wish St. Valentine would just pack up and go back wherever the hell he came from -- up Mr. Hallmark's ass, I think. Well B and I are boycotting Vday again this year. In the past, we didn't do anything because we always celebrated our "made-up anniversary" on February 1. But now, we just really have no good excuse. 

So, on Friday, you can find us sitting on the couch, ordering food, drinking a bottle of wine... each, and watching all 13 episodes of House of Cards Season 2. Doesn't that sound romantic? 

I suppose I wouldn't mind receiving a cheesy greeting card wherein BryGuy professes his undying love for me and vows to jump in front of a Mac truck to save my life, if the opportunity ever presents itself... wouldn't that be sweet? Hint, hint! I'd save it in my memory box forever and ever. 

Do you have any special plans with your Valentine? Are you going out to a nice dinner or keeping it low key? 

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  1. I totally agree - my hatred for valentines day is infinite.


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