Birthdays and baby showers

Last weekend was chock full of fun! It started off with a girly day at the nail salon to celebrate the birthday of my beautiful friend, Ana. Then manis and pedis turned into a full-fledged day of drinking, punching (its a game... in a bar...), eating, stopping by a sketchy strip club, and then dancing for three hours straight (at another bar, not the strip club.) I'd say it was a successful birthday celebration!

On Sunday, I shook off my mild hangover and headed to my friend Kristin's baby shower. We had a blast, there was quality time with new babies, great food and the cutest presents and decor. I can't wait for little LJ to join the world next month! He's going to be so loved!!! See photos from the weekend below.

The Birthday Girl!
Yes, we bring brunch to the nail salon. That's normal right?
Everyone picked awesome colors, even the mom-to-be picked baby blue and white to match her shower decor! (photo below)

The baby shower on Sunday was the coolest shower I've attended to date. It was open-house style (meaning come and go as you please) and had a gift display and clothes line so you didn't need to waste money wrapping your gift! Also, instead of cards, they requested a signed children's book instead to start a book library for the new baby, how adorable!
With a super strong mom and dad, we can only imagine that LJ will be lifting weights out of the womb. So of course, he needed some cool workout gear...

And I fell in love with this little man...  look at those cheeks and that little smirk!
Adorable favors, "Oh Boy! She's ready to pop!" white chocolate covered popcorn. Yum!

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