CrossFit Maternity Photos of Kristin

Meet my workout partna', Kristin. She and I went through a grueling eight-week olympic lifting program together last summer before she decided to go and get knocked up! Kristin is a total inspiration for future mamas everywhere, she continues to workout on a regular basis. She's scaled back on certain movements but is in her ninth month of pregnancy and still going strong! The most impressive thing about this lady is that she has unbelievable energy and enthusiasm. Just when you think you can't put in one more rep in a workout, Coach Kristin will yell your name, and you just have to push take little harder. We set aside a little time to do a maternity photo shoot at the gym this weekend (my first official photography gig) to capture this wonder woman in action.

Also, if you want to get your butt whipped into shape by this mama right here, she's opening a new gym this spring in East Norriton, PA! Visit www.crossfitmontco.com to learn more or sign up!

And then this happened... Kylie and Dave decided to get in on the photo shoot action too! I think she's about to birth a medicine ball any moment now. 

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