Ten happy moments of the week

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1. Discovering a new delicious gourmet breakfast that's easy to make!

2. Getting outside in the snow with my shovel buddy and cleaning off our sidewalk and cars. 

3. After we worked up a good sweat, grabbing a beer and some grub at an awesome bar in our neighborhood. Check out Old Eagle Tavern the next time you're in Manayunk!

4. Last weekend was jam packed full of fun. On Saturday, I celebrated my friend's birthday with a full day of activities that ended in a sweaty dance party, then Sunday, I headed to another friend's baby shower! See photos here.

5. Receiving meals for the week from Fit Foods! These are so delicious and have become a healthy lunch option when I'm having a busy week and can't cook and pack in advance.

6. While I kind of despise Valentine's Day it was nice to see lots of positive messages on twitter about the beautiful city of Philly. Check out the posts on twitter: #whyilovephilly

7. A neighbor helped me shovel out my car yesterday, just because. What a sweetheart!

8. I'm so looking forward to my dinner tonight and marathon House of Cards viewing. Instead of ordering food, we decided to treat ourselves to Pasta Carbonara (the most delicious food ever.) We allow ourselves to have it only twice a year in honor of our amazing honeymoon in Italy.

9. Cute snowmen and snowladies all around the neighborhood.

10. Basically a five day weekend... I mean I'm "working from home." But that beats going into work any day of the week, because you can stay in your pajamas!

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