Ten happy moments of the week

Photo by Angelica Blick

I can admit it, I've been slacking here on my happy moments. Not because they haven't been happening, they have, I swear! It's just that I've been so busy enjoying all of my happy moments that I haven't had a chance to put pen to the paper and tell you about it. So here goes, some happy moments might stretch a bit further than this past week. Oh well, deal with it.

1. Getting a little Vitamin D last week was incredible and necessary. My seasonal affective disorder was in full affect before we took a long-weekend trip to visit family in sunny Florida. Read about the SOBE wine and food fest here.

2. After a long weekend of indulging on too much delicious food and drink, I took this week to eat super clean and I'm feeling like I have lots of energy and a lot less bloating. 

3. The energy at my gym right now is electric as all of the athletes gear up for the CrossFit Open and the first workout (of five) tonight. Our gym has split into color teams and everyone is flaunting their colors and talking a lot of sh*t. It's healthy competition so I totally approve. Plus, we all know Team Green is going to dominate so 'nuff said. 

4. Easy and safe travels. I can't remember the last time I took a flight that was less flawless than this past time. Hopefully it's just as smooth when we head to Puerto Rico in a couple of weeks! 

5. Learning (and playing) a new party game with my co-workers, called Celebrity. If you haven't played, you should, it's a lot of fun. 

6. Making a chicken, lemon and rice soup that was so yummy I wanted to lick the bowl. But instead I just went back for seconds... and then I licked the bowl. 

7. Carpooling with BryGuy to the train station 4/5 days this week. I love when we get to ride the train together, even though he isn't always in a talkative mood. It's just nice to be near him instead of a total stranger. 

8. I'm so looking forward to some pre-wedding festivities with one of the very first people I became friends with in Philadelphia (a former co-worker.) I'm so happy for her and really looking forward to having a fun night with her and her bridesmaids. 

9. Cuties. Like the clementines. They are so yummy and cute. 

10. I know another winter storm is right around the corner, but lately I really do feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is visible and spring should be arriving any moment now. At least I'm hoping and praying and keeping my fingers and toes crossed that that is true. 

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