Girls on Girls CrossFit Competition

Check out all of these smokin' hot ladies (plus David and baby Leo.) On Saturday, we all headed to CrossFit Harmony in Newtown Square for the Girls on Girls II Partner Throwdown. We represented seven of the 54 teams and one of our teams even took first place! Woot woot! It was such a fun day, filled with some solid workouts, a lot of laying in the sun and hanging out with friends, and some quality baby snuggling. Check out more photos below.

The first workout consisted of clean and jerks and snatches, 15 of each, with work split between you and your partner, then you add weight and do it all again, and add weight one more time and do it again. 
These girl are members of CrossFit MontCo and this was their first competition, they've only been doing CrossFit for a couple of months, but they totally rocked it! I see many competitions in their future. 

Check out my partner, she's super mom, "Let me just feed the baby real quick and then go inside for our grueling workout." No big deal! 
Since this was a ladies-only competition, the boys entertained themselves by drinking all the beers.
Time for a pizza run...
The second workout was a body weight workout that consisted of 100 air squats, 100 sit ups, 100 push ups and 100 toes to bar. Then if you finished all of that before the time cap, you start again!
Time for baby Leo's nap. (I was so jealous.)
Photographic evidence that I completed at least one toe to bar! This exercise is my least favorite, as you might recall from my "I cried at the gym" post a while back. 
Clearly, baby Julia was thrilled by the competition. 
The final workout was four minutes of rope climbs, three minutes of shuttle sprints, two minutes of burpee box jumps and one minute of max wall balls. 
And as soon as the last workout was over, we had to crack open some adult beverages. I'm so proud of my partner, can you believe she had a baby just two months ago!? She's cray.
Jen and Jane take gold!!!
Then, we had to go out in Manyaunk for some celebratory drinks! Papa D prepared shots for everyone and then things started to go downhill real fast...

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