Nākd Bars: A Healthy & Delicious Snack

I always struggle to find healthy snacks. Sure, nuts are tasty, but they're easy to overeat. You start with one almond and then the next thing you know you've consumed half of your caloric intake for the day in nuts. Fruit is good, but not very filling and sometimes tricky to transport. Beef jerky is one of my favorites, but the grocery store brands have tons of sodium and other ingredients I can't pronounce, and making jerky at home is a complicated process. 

Recently, I had the opportunity to sample Nākd healthy snacks, they're made by a British company devoted to increasing world happiness with yummy healthy snacks. Since I was competing in the Girls on Girls Partner Throwdown last weekend, I figured I'd share them with my fellow hungry athletes. Lots of folks in the CrossFit community try to eat paleo, and luckily Nākd bars are both gluten and dairy free and have no added sugars. Check out more photos and my full review below.

When my sample pack arrived, I was immediately flattered by the cheeky greeting inside the box "Well, hello to you too gorgeous," and was excited about the variety of flavors. As I inspected the bars further, I learned that each bar has less than six ingredients listed and they're all completely recognizable! As for the calorie count, you're looking at about 100 - 150 calories per bar. 
My friends and fellow athletes were impressed with the flavors, they mentioned that the flavors were distinct without being too overpowering. My personal favorite from the bars I sampled was the Ginger Bread, it really tasted like a holiday cookie! I also received positive feedback about the Cafe Mocha flavor and the Strawberry Crunch. The biggest criticism of these bars (and other healthy snack bars) is the texture. I don't know what it is, the flavor is great, but the texture just has the feel of a protein bar. If you're big on texture, I definitely recommend that you try one of the "crunch" bars. The added pebbles of crunch (think Crunch candy bar) really gives something more desirable to chew on. 
Overall, the feedback was positive. Numerous people said they prefer them over other available health or protein bars. I would definitely purchase some of the crunch bars and the ginger bread, and keep them on hand for road trips, CrossFit competitions, or a quick grab-and-go snack. 

If you're looking to purchase some tasty Nākd Bars, head on over to www.naturalbalancefoods.com They're going to run you about $23 for a box of 18 normally, but they're offering a sale on a few boxes, like my ginger bread ones are currently only $18.39. Plus, shipping is free! Pardon me, I have an online order to place...

Samples provided by Natural Balance Foods, all opinions are my own.  

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  1. would love to know what your favorite granola/oat snack is!


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