Bike Race Sunday

Fair warning, I got a little gif happy on this post, the still photos just didn't do this day justice, I thought you needed to see it all in action! If you've ever happened to be in Manayunk for the Philly Cycling Classic, more commonly know as "Bike Race," you'd understand that the day is more about hanging with friends outside than actually watching the race. The part of the race that you shouldn't miss seeing is the infamous Manayunk Wall. It's a 17 percent grade hill and it's a beast to walk, so I can't even imagine how hard it is to bike. Fans gather around the wall every 20 minutes or so, with cowbells and beers and cheer on the competitors as they huff and puff up that bitch of a road. The men perform 12 laps of a 120 mile circuit and the women do five laps at 60 miles a piece. Better them than me. I just sit back with a cold beverage and admire their athleticism! See lots of photos from the day below.

Leslie teaches Jimmy how to "clap." Leo teaches us how to nap. Jimmy teaches everyone how to whistle loudly. 
You know that saying, "You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose?" Well it's just not true. 
Bikers racing up the wall!
Leo loved all of the excitement. He was such a trooper on this hot and sunny day full of loud obnoxious people. 
Me and my little love bug. 
Who ever said strollers are only good for carrying babies?
Just when we needed it the most, we were gifted some hamburgers and hot dogs from some extra friendly neighbors. They even let us have a special doughnut burger! Yum.
LJ likes the sound of that.
Then, of course, since competitiveness was in the air, there was a drinking workout. 
And a cartwheel, round off, handstand walk and front hand spring contest.
And then there was this...
Finally, because the weekend wouldn't be complete without some tacos, we headed to Taqueria. 
...and continued our cartwheel contest.

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