Happy moments of the week

Photo by SimplyChelsetta on Flickr

1. Finally getting all of my herbs planted! 

2. Having a fun night playing classic college drinking games, witnessing a soda stream explosion and hanging out by the fire pit with some of my favorite people in the whole world! 

3. Seeing the bottom of the hamper for the first time in months. It's so hard to keep up with laundry sometimes, but feels so good when all of your belongings are finally clean!

4. Sunday brunchin' and thriftin'. I picked up a Waterford crystal ring holder for like $15 bucks, normally $65 or more. Plus, I got to try on some bomb ass fur coats. 

5. Any movie starring Liam Neeson. Such as Non-Stop, in which Liam essentially plays exactly the same character he plays in the Taken series. But I'm not complaining. Taken 3 comes out next year, I wonder who gets taken this time? He's running out of family members...

6. Scoring free Dunkin' coffee thanks go a generous co-worker sharing her coupons. 

7. I'm BEYOND excited to head to New York today and see my lil' bro graduate high school and then party with my fam at a lake house in the Adirondacks. GO DACKS!

8. Getting my paws on these adorable vans, not only are the comfortable but they are basically the cutest shoes to have ever lived. 

9. Hanging out in the conference room with co-workers for a few hours while cheering on the US during the US vs. Germany World Cup game. 

10. Catching up with a former co-worker over sushi. Sushi dates are the best.  

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