Happy graduation to my favorite little brother!

Look at that face, no matter how many years pass by, I remember his face and voice perfectly at this age. Zach was basically the cutest child that ever lived, and I'm not just saying that because he's my kin...people not related by blood also agree. So, it has basically been scientifically proven. Zach and I are exactly 11 years and one week apart in age. Some people think this must be a mistake on my parent's part, but nooooo, it was actually planned that way (aren't my parents such weirdos?) Due to this age gap, not only did I play the role of protective older sister, but I also played the role of pseudo-mom and full-time babysitter (...wait a minute...my parents are geniuses!) Occasionally, I would be mistaken for his mother (WTF?!) but most of the time we were just really good pals. He would run errands with me and entertain my friends with his adorable songs. 

I can't really believe this sweet, sweet little boy, is now a grown man about to graduate high school and start college. I'm so proud of the person that he has become. He is smart, unbelievably kind (except to our sister, Emily), a volunteer firefighter, an impressive dancer, a master of one-liners (thank GOD his joke telling abilities improved over the years), and basically the best brother a girl could ever ask for. Thanks for being you. I'm sorry Emily and I tortured you from time to time, but it built character, and oh what a character you are! You're going to kill it in college. Be smart, stay safe, and know that we're always there for you if you need anything. 

And, if you happen to have trouble making friends, just sing "Baby Shark." That's how you won all my friends over during that weekend you stayed with me in college.

Zach, Zachy, Zacha-weeeee, Z-man, 

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