Ten happy moments of the week

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Gosh, I am the worst. Sorry for sucking at my weekly happy moments. Here are 11, just to make it up to you. 

1. Spending a few days last weekend with our parents and siblings in New York. We attended a wedding where we totally dominated the dance floor and we had the most perfect Father's Day brunch on Sunday. 

2. Seeing our most favorite wedding photographers, the dynamic husband and wife duo, Bailly Photography at said wedding. 

3. Feeling super energized this week. I was totally dragging last weekend, it was probably the lousy rainy weather, but this week has been SO much better.

4. Walking down the street the other day and hearing someone in their car blasting old Boyz II Men jams.

5. Finally hitting over 100,000 page views on this humble little blog here. The growth has been slow and steady and I'm so happy for that. Please please please let me know if there's anything you specifically want to see more or less of on Marissa says...!

6. Iced coffee after lunch on an insanely hot and sunny day. It's the bomb dot com.

7. Scoring a crazy cheap pair of black pants for work at TJ Maxx. I have the hardest time finding pants for work, especially ones that are black or navy. 

8. Having an impromptu weeknight dinner with one of my favorite pals, Ms. Ana Lee. She also shared a top-secret "recipe" for amazing carnitas tacos. If you're lucky, I might just share it with you too.

9. Tying up the loose ends on a project at work that I've been stalling on for a while now. Sometimes you just have to sit down and focus, and it ends up being even easier than you thought. 

10. The deliciously sweet scent of peaches and nectarines! I cannot go into the grocery store without stocking up on some of these perfectly ripe treats. 

11. Brainstorming a potential new business venture over cocktails, called, The Wedding Turn Up Crew. If you're worried about your wedding being a bit of a dud, hire the WTUC to make sure even your granny busts some moves on the dance floor. 

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