Ten happy moments of the week

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I'm slackin' yo. I missed happy moments last week and didn't even realize it! I wish I could say that I have 20 happy things to get you up to speed, but ain't nobody got time for that. So here's the list of ten...

1. I hit a new PR (personal record) on one of my lifts (the snatch) yesterday! I got to 115# (my previous PR was 110 and that was last summer) and to tell you the truth, it felt pretty good...I think I can do more :) I understand that to most of you this sounds like gibberish, but to those of you that know what I'm taking about, this is a MAJOR happy moment. 

2. A week of mostly healthy eating. I'm a bit unhappy with my physique these days, basically because I was eating like garbage and drinking like a fish all winter long, so now it's time to reverse some of those unhealthy habits and get bikini ready! 

3. Getting lots of sleep. I don't know what it was about this week, but BryGuy and I were SO tired. We kept getting into bed by 10 p.m. a full hour before our usual time, and we both were passing out pretty quick. I guess it was much needed and I certainly feel more refreshed. 

4. Thunderstorms. Loud scary thunderstorms. I love them. They remind me of summer and sitting on the porch of my parent's house. 

5. Receiving an awesome new coffee mug from my favorite lil babe. I am loving all that I'm learning about photography, and still have so much to learn, but it's awesome to have a super cute subject that just loves to have his picture taken. 

6. Going on a hiking adventure with my lover boy, and then visiting an awesome farm. 

7. Excellent service on an annoying car issue. Last weekend, I was making a quick run to the grocery store for some lemons (to make a whiskey smash.) As I pulled my car out of its spot, my tire popped. I called up AAA because listen, that's why I pay for it, so I don't have to get my hands dirty and change my own tire. Within a half hour they were there, and five minutes later I had my fresh spare on. The next morning I brought my car over to our local tire shop and they found me a great deal on two new tires and the next day I had my car back. For something that could have been super annoying and stressful, it was a pretty painless process. Thanks AAA and the nice folks over at Gabriel John Goodyear and special thanks to my patient husband for letting me use his AAA membership because mine was expired, and for driving me back and forth to drop off and pick up the car. He's really a saint. 

8. Wedges. Wearing sandals to work for the first time this year makes me so happy. But I really need to paint my toes this weekend...

9. Trying raw milk for the first time. It's so rich and creamy and I don't know how I'm going to be able to go back to pasteurized milk.

10. Game of Thrones being back. I know I said this before, and it will probably make my "ten happy things" list for the next eight weeks, (or however long the season is) because every Sunday I get so excited to watch it and then so sad when the credits roll.

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