What my summer will look like

I'm warning you. Many of my posts over the next three months are going to look a lot like this... friends, barbecues, fire pits, lawn games, drinking games, furry babies and lots and lots of laughing and dancing. Doesn't that sound like the most perfect summer? Throw in a handful of trips to the beach here and there, and I might just be the happiest gal in the world! Well last weekend BryGuy was busy with reunion activities with his buddies from UPenn and I had no plans. So my wonderful friends, the K sisters invited me over for a little Saturday get together. Like most shindigs, it started off very innocent and as the sun set, got progressively less innocent.

Meet Bozeman, aka baby kitty. He's so small, so funny, smells like a human baby, and loves to squish his body into very small spaces. The K sisters are manning the grill station, while the men folk build big strong fire. 
Baby kitty gives high fives for a solid corn hole performance! 
Then we turned to more productive games, like flip cup and 7, 11, doubles. 
There was dancing, and eiffle towering... 
A little craziness and a super cute cheek kiss. It was a perfect "it's almost summer" night. 

Let me tell you, these ladies know how to throw a fun party. We somehow managed to get a good night's sleep and then woke up to reminisce about the previous night's hilarious events.

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