Cape May for Memorial Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend! It took me a few days to recover from mine, so I apologize that this post is going up a little late. BryGuy and I drove up to New York to spend a little time with family and attend a baby shower for my lovely friend who is expecting her first child in July. We had friends that were at the shore (in New Jersey) and they kept sending us enticing text messages telling us to drive and join them. Once you tempt Bry with a little beach time, he can't think about anything else, so we woke up bright and early on Sunday and made the five hour drive to Cape May. 

What happened over the next two days was pure summer fun. The weather was gorgeous so we sat outside and soaked up the rays, had a backyard barbecue, checked out some of our favorite bars and restaurants in Cape May, had a speed-walking and cartwheel contest, stole a pineapple, and came up with a few good inventions (patents pending.) We were supposed to head back to Philly late Monday night, but after a filling dinner at the Lobster House, we just couldn't do it. So we got some shut eye, woke up at 4:30 a.m. and hit the road on Tuesday morning. It was the worst thing ever. But I did get a few good photos of the spectacular sunrise; I haven't seen one of those in... ever. 

Check out more photos from our MDW below.

Passing through the mist on our drive from New York to Cape May. Luckily it cleared fast and the sun came out, so we took a driving selfie. 
After sitting in the sun in the backyard, we took advantage of happy hour (half priced martinis) at the Mad Batter, followed by a cook out and some lawn games. 
Then the ladies and Bry primped for the night. 
We hit up the Boiler Room at Congress Hall and another bar and ended the night with some stargazing on the beach. 
The next morning we were in rough shape, so we ventured out in search of caffeine and then we laced up our bathing suits and headed to the beach.
BryGuy was the only one brave enough to go in the water and go full coma on the beach. Once we had enough sun, we ventured out for a walk on the promenade and stumbled upon a few other places to grab some drinks. 
For dinner, we headed to one of our favorite spots, The Lobster House. We had drinks on The Schooner and went into the dining room for so much food. 
This is what the sunrise looks like at 5 a.m. on the Tuesday after Memorial Day.  
And again at 5:45 a.m.
If you're looking for the perfect place for a little getaway, Cape May is the spot. You might still be able to get a place for a long weekend on Airbnb. Also, check out my list of things to do, see and eat in Cape May

How was your weekend? Tell me what you did! I hope you took advantage of the warm weather and stuffed yourself full of picnic salads and burgers. 

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