Pure bad assery

If you follow me on Instagram or we're friends on Facebook, you might have seen a teaser from a photo shoot I participated in this weekend. One of the members of our gym is a super talented photographer and she had an idea for a shot that would showcase some of our strong and beautiful female athletes. The photo shoot was so much fun! We all started out a little nervous and stiff, but we quickly loosened up and had fun with it. The end result is the photos above which show strong, healthy and confident women and that's the perfect way to portray how CrossFit Manayunk will make you feel. 

Check out more behind the scenes shots below, and on the photographer's blog: Peachy Pie, Sugar Plum, Sweet Petunia Blossom

 First we discussed the set-up, and got a quick "pump" on.
Our talented photographers and lighting experts set up, while we got swoll and horsed around.
 Chocolate wanted to partake in the photo shoot as well...
Then of course all of us ladies swooned over the gorgeous male model that popped by for a visit.
Obligatory shoe photo
Just "hang" in there Kylie, the photo shoot will be over soon!

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