Ten happy moments of the week

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Happy MDW lovers and friends!!! It's finally here, the unofficial kick-off weekend to Summer 2014. I hope you have a fantastic awesome long weekend! I have so many things to be happy for, but I can only list ten, so here you go:

1. I feel unbelievable amounts of mama pride (or what I imagine it would feel like if I were a mama) seeing my friends and fellow athletes compete at the CrossFit Mid-Atlantic Regionals! Although, I wish I was there in the stands cheering them on (and more importantly, celebrating with them in the evening,) believe me, I'm screaming just as loud at my computer. I also love that they are streaming the workouts live so I can pretend I'm there! 

2. Great stuff is happening at work these days. As we wind down on the crazy spring event schedule, the atmosphere at work gets a little more relaxed. 

3. Enjoying a fun night of barbecue, fire pits and hanging out with some of my nearest and dearest last weekend. 

4. Being a part of this photo shoot

5. Three cheers for having a super fast week. Sometimes weeks just drag on and on, and this one flew by for whatever reason. 

6. Getting to the gym, even when I really wasn't feeling it on Thursday. It ended up being a really good and really fun workout that concluded with running sprints in the pouring rain. 

7. The Made in America Festival line up was released this week and it looks awesome, per usual. I'm excited for Pharrell, Kings of Leon and of course, Kanye

8. Having a random movie night with BryGuy on a Wednesday, complete with homemade truffle butter popcorn. Plus, Monuments Men was really good! 

9. I'm looking forward to a road trip up to NY to visit family and friends this weekend, car rides with Bry are the best!

10. Despite craving a big juicy burger topped with bacon, cheese, fried onions and pickles, I demonstrated an ounce of willpower this week and did not give into my craving. *Pats self on back*

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