Wilderness Explorers; the wilderness must be explored!

We had a whole new kind of Sunday funday this past weekend. Instead of grabbing a seat at our local watering hole, we decided to venture into the wilderness and explore some of the trails in Valley Forge National Historic Park. The hiking there is not too challenging, there are a few steep parts on Mt. Misery, but they don't last very long. There were signs of spring all around us and it was really nice to get some sun on our faces and fresh air in our lungs. 

After our hike, we took a drive further into the country to check out Wyebrook Farm in Chester County. The farm is absolutely gorgeous and they believe in producing healthy animals without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, hormones or antibiotics. And that's something we can get down with. We explored the market, grabbed some eats from the cafe, visited with some of the animals and then purchased some meat, eggs and veggies to bring home with us. A few miles from Wyebrook Farm we stumbled upon another cute farm, Bethany Farm - a dairy farm selling raw milk and other produce from a cute little roadside stand. Check out photos from our Sunday adventure below. 

This is my dream home. I'm so jealous of the person that gets to live here and wake up on the farm everyday! 
The cafe out back comes with an unbelievable view and delicious fresh food. We weren't too hungry so we settled on the mushroom soup and a spinach salad. 
After we ate we went up to visit all of the animals. The piggies were cute, the cows were lazy, and the hens were roaming. 
Check out this farm stand. We couldn't believe how they wanted us to pay... Let me tell you though, that milk is freaking amazing. 

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