Go Popcorn

Step right up! Boy, have I got a treat for you! If you're not one of those people that's obsessed with popcorn, don't worry, you will be soon enough. I was recently introduced to Go Popcorn by some of my coworkers, although the adorable shop on 12th Street has been open for about five months now. The founders of The Pittsburgh Popcorn company recently popped up (pun intended) in Center City. This ain't your regular run-of-the-mill popcorn stand my friends, this is gourmet to the max popcorn. You want sweet popcorn? Treat yourself to the peanut butter cup variety covered in melted milk chocolate and gooey peanut butter. Feeling savory? Might I recommend the cheesy garlic bread? Yes. You read that right. Popcorn covered in cheese, butter and garlic. Just make sure to stock up on some mints before you dive mouth-first into that.

When you enter Go Popcorn you will file into a queue marked off with red velvet roped stanchions. A lovely lady or gent, behind the counter will greet you with a warm smile and ask if you would like to try any samples, to which you will answer, "Yes please. I'll try all of them." It may seem a little pricey at first, but once you see how much popcorn they pack up your bag and you take a bit into those flavorful kernels covered in chocolate, cheese, or whatever, you'll understand it's all worth it. More photos below.

The inside of the store is adorably decorated and always clean. I do wish they had a big red curtain separating the back kitchen from the front store, only because it detracts slightly from how nice everything else is. 
Each week they switch up the specialty flavors slightly so there's bound to be some exciting combinations. I'm pretty pumped to try the spicy bacon flavor next week. I'll let you know how it is! 

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