Parental visitation required

Look at those faces. How can you resist them? My parental unit, and little bro, spent a little time in Philly this past weekend. We were blessed with a super sunshiny day and we visited the creepy Mutter Museum, followed by a walk through Rittenhouse Square before we headed to Northern Liberties for dinner and bowling. After my father kicked our butts in bowling, we headed back home for family game night. It's always so nice when family visits, especially when the weather is warm, you can just walk around stop in some places for a bite to eat or a quick drink and all is good in the world again!

We had dinner at Standard Tap, in NoLibs, they are known for their fantastic beer selection and we had yet to try their dinner menu (we've only had their brunch.) Mom and bro ordered the famous chicken pot pie, I went for the burger, Bry ordered the wild boar special, and my dad chose the grilled mako sandwich. My mom and I swapped dishes halfway through because I was dying to get my hands on that flaky pastry crust and she wanted a few bites of my delicious burger. All in all, we were all extremely pleased with our choices. I even sneaked a bite of the wild boar dish and it was super flavorful and spicy. It's definitely worth trying if you're in the mood for a more substantial dish. 
After dinner we headed to North Bowl and laced up our sexy bowling shoes. I really won't share our scores with you because they are legitimately embarrassing. My dad's score was the only half-decent one -- the rest of us didn't even break 100. 

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