Finally got my hands on some Federal Donuts

BryGuy and I have been talking about going to Federal Donuts for like, ever. I love fried chicken. I love donuts. It seems like a match made in heaven to me! So last weekend, when we were visiting our friends at CrossFit 2 St. -- conveniently located only two blocks from the original Federal Donuts -- we decided that would be the day! We walked into the small storefront and were greeted by a warm smile behind the counter. We settled on a half order of the buttermilk ranch chicken and six chili garlic style wings (which we were told were excellent choices btw.) The lovely lady behind the counter told us she'd cut us a break and just charge us for the whole chicken instead of two halves to save a buck. Then of course, we needed to decide on donuts. Lots of their specialty donuts were sold-out so we stuck with the classics. I ordered the Indian Cinnamon and Bry went with the Apollonia Spice, then as if our day couldn't get any better, the sweet lady behind the counter told us she would throw in the Vanilla Lavendar for free, just so we could try it! Bam! They just earned themselves a lifelong customer. Check out more photos below. 

Buttermilk ranch below - this was my favorite. I loved the flavor and crispiness of the outside and the chicken was crazy moist on the inside.
Please note: and we were newbies so we had no idea, with every order of chicken you get a tasty honey lemon donut to go along (pictured below.) It's really the perfect compliment to the chicken -- a little savory and a little sweet. If I had known that we might not have ordered three other donuts, but heck you live and you learn my friends... you live and you learn. 

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