Ten happy moments of the week

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I'm going to be honest, it was hard coming up with ten happy moments this week. At least happy moments happened, but I probably wasn't paying attention when they did and then it makes it that much more difficult to think them up later. My point being, it's not always easy to write this list. Sometimes I have tough weeks, busy weeks, or stressful weeks, but I'm certain that ten good things happen each week and I should take a moment to think about them and reflect on them. 

1. Getting to meet my friend's beautiful new baby yesterday! You might remember her from these CrossFit Maternity photos but she has a perfect and healthy baby boy now and both mama and the little one are doing great!

2. Having an impromptu Taco Tuesday at Taqueria Feliz with good friends after a tough workout! 

3. A lazy Sunday relaxing at home with BryGuy. We watched movies and spent time catching up on laundry and straightening the house up. Sometimes you just need a lazy day at home. 

4. Despite the rainy weather this week, I really loved being able to just throw on a trench and head off for my day. Shall I dare suggest that it's time to pack up the winter coats? 

5. Getting to try Federal Donuts for the first time last weekend. It was glorious. 

6. Trying out new fun nail polish colors (I know. So girly.) But really I always hesitated to do anything really funky on my nails because I didn't think it was professional, but these days I think it's definitely more acceptable and it 

7. We're heading to New York this weekend to visit our families and I'm extra excited to find out that my good friend is going to be in town unexpectedly. 

8. Visiting the 2 St. Gym last weekend for the first time and watching both the new and experienced athletes take on a super challenging workout. 

9. Listening to Neal Brennan stand-up, he makes my tummy hurt from laughing so hard. 

10. Seeing two little purple flower buds on the side of the street. They were so cute and so alone among all of the brown dull surroundings. I can't wait for everything to be green and in bloom, and apparently it's just around the corner. 

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