Ten happy moments of the week

Photo by Bloomographie

1. A meal this week at Jose Enrique in Puerto Rico made it's way onto the top five meals of my life list. It was amazing!

2. This Honey Maid commercial made my week. I don't typically buy graham crackers, except for the occasional s'mores party, but I might just have to go and buy all the Honey Maids in the grocery store to show my support for more commercials like this!

3. American-style coffee. Don't get me wrong, I love Spanish coffee with its frothy steamed milk, but stopping off for a French vanilla coffee at DDs on my ride back from the airport was so yummy.

4. Lemon, chicken, and rice soup. I have been making this weekly to get through the frigid winter and I'm surprised I haven't gotten totally sick of it yet. Recipe coming soon.

5. Sleeping in my own bed. Our bedroom is a total sanctuary and it makes me feel calm and relaxed and my bed is the most comfortable place in the world. And believe it or not Puerto Rico is crazy loud compared to Philly, so I have definitely been sleeping better these past few nights.

6. Having tan lines again. It's so nice that my skin is no longer translucent. Hopefully, my sun-kissed skin sticks with me for a couple of months until I can get back on the beach. 

7. Spending some quality time with our iguana friend while on vacation. I really miss the little guy and Bry and I have been toying with the idea of getting a pet over the past few days. 

8. Feeling so mushy and lovey and blessed. I thought I would feel a little sad when I got back from vacation, and while I miss the beach, mostly I've been feeling lucky. I'm lucky that I married the wonderful man that I did, lucky that we have the means to travel to beautiful places, and lucky that we have families that love and support us and would do anything for us. 

9. Getting back to the gym. While the first workout was rough after a full week of indulgence, it felt good to get my body moving again. 

10. Starting to plan out the summer. I know it's a ways away still but it's nice to know we have our Cape May weekends booked, and my brother's high school graduation followed by a family trip to the lake for some boating action, and a few weddings. There's a lot of fun stuff coming up and I'm looking forward to it all! 

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  1. Planning vacays with loved ones has definitely been the happiest moments of my week too!!


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