Ten happy moments of the week

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1. I attended my first networking event with local Philly bloggers this week and it was so much fun! Sometimes I don't do good in those settings where I'm forced to talk to strangers (it's always nice to have a friend as a crutch) but it really wasn't that painful. Remember this was one of my goals for the new year? Well it was such a good experience that I'm actually looking forward to the next blogger networking event! Free food and booze never hurts either.

2. Getting excited as I shop for new beachy attire for my vacation next week. Put my ass on the beach and an umbrella-drink in my hand por favor!

3. I made some delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies this week. When the sweet tooth strikes, it must be answered.

4. I really wanted to dislike Brooklyn Nine-Nine (mostly because BryGuy likes it so much) but the truth is that it's really funny and makes me laugh out loud. So there Bry, you win!

5. Speaking of the hubbers, I'm looking forward to meeting up with him for lunch today. We've both had a hectic week so it will be nice to sit down and have a yummy meal together for lunch.

6. My gym is cooler than yours. There are lots of positive vibes among athletes over the past few weeks and it just warms my heart.

7. Mid work day games of Celebrity with my awesome colleagues in the Art Department.

8. Candy Crush binging on my train rides this week! I really feel such a personal sense of accomplishment every time I beat a level. It's actually kind of pathetic that I'm including it in my ten happy moments. But ya'll know. I keeps it real.

9. Getting to bed early for the past couple of days has been magnificent.

10. I designed some pretty sweet business cards this week for this here blog. Shit is gettin' legit. I can't wait to share them with you when they arrive!

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  1. I love the idea of highlighting happy things of the week - puts things into perspective :) Great to meet you this week!


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