Puerto Rico, my heart's devotion

I'm so thrilled to have left beautiful views like this to come back to grey Philadelphia... NOT! Truthfully, it is good be back home again. As much as I love a good tropical vacation filled with lazy days on the beach, afternoon naps and eating dinner out every night, I missed my own bed and my regular routine. We couldn't have asked for a better vacation though. Bry's aunt and uncle were gracious hosts as always, our flights were on schedule both ways, and we had not one rain day. It sprinkled for about five minutes on our last beach day but it was a welcome break from the blazing Caribbean sun. The highlight of our trip was finding a new restaurant that we fell in love with (so much so, that we went back a second time later in the week.) See more photos from our trip and many meals below. 

This is the beach that's a block away from where we stay. It's nice and clean and has a few beach bars around where you can grab drinks or a bite, also we found an amazing little food stand nearby that has chicken and pork skewers that are so tasty and inexpensive. 

Photos below are from one of our new favorite restaurants, Jose Enrique located in the Santurce neighborhood of San Juan. If you ever get to Puerto Rico, I highly suggest that you try this place, it has made it's way onto the best meals of my life list! 

Meet Iggy, he's the iguana that lives in the tree outside the condo where we stay. He's so cute and sweet and likes to sit in the sun all day and just chill. BryGuy and I developed a special bond with Iggy -- hence the fact that we named him -- and now we miss him dearly. 

We ventured into Old San Juan one evening to walk around and enjoy the sunset and some good food. Our first stop was El Convento, a former convent turned into a hotel right in the heart of Old San Juan. This is one of Bry's favorite spots to stop every time we come because they have an amazing octopus dish. If you ever stop by be sure to order the pulpo (octopus) and the chorizo in red wine, oh, and a sangria.

After our tapas we enjoyed the sunset and ventured over to The Cigar House.

Following the cigar bar we started to get a little hungry again and stopped into a cool craft beer bar called, La Taberna L├║pulo. We had a few beers and ordered the queso frito, a burger and fish tacos. 

One evening we headed to the town of Caguas with Bry's aunt and uncle for some live music. The square was packed with families and children, there was such a community atmosphere and Bry and I wished that there were more places like that in the States. 

To finish off the night, Bry's uncle played us some music and sang us some tunes at a friend's house nearby. 

On Monday, we ventured off on a catamaran trip to Icacos island for some quality snorkeling time.

On our last day, we spent most of the day on the beach, then we met up with friends and headed back to Jose Enrique for the second time. We finished off the evening with drinks at th El San Juan Hotel -- our favorite place for late night music, cocktails and gambling.

All in all it was another fabulous trip to Puerto Rico and I'll be dreaming about it every day until I can go back again! 

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