Ten happy moments of the week

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1. Finding a great new brunch spot in Philadelphia. I'm going to do a write-up on it soon so I'm not giving it away just yet. 

2. This warmer weather just has everyone in a better mood. People just seem to be more friendly and chipper on the streets and that's always a good thing.

3. Getting some adorable new dresses and a romper for my vacation! I searched high and low for a cute romper last summer without any luck and when I wasn't even looking for one, I came across a cute one in TJ Maxx. Total maxxinista move. :) 

4. Last Sunday Bry and I took advantage of the warm weather and walked around the vintage shops near South St. I scored some cool vintage silverware that will be a great addition to my food photos.

5. I found a tasty new alcohol that I will definitely put to use in future cocktails. Check out this minty and chocolatey martini that I made using Chila 'Orchata. 

6. Vacation. sandy beaches. bikinis. And a bucket full of rum punch. 

7. I'm so grateful for BryGuy's amazing family. They are so good to us, from letting us crash before an early flight, to giving us rides to and from the airport and always being accommodating. I am really so blessed to have married into such a loving and giving family. 

8. Cuban sandwiches. I wait all year long to get this Cuban sandwich from the cheesiest beach bar in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico. 

9. Shopping with my gal pal Ana! I usually hate shopping with other people because it stresses me out, but she was the perfect shopping buddy. We just went our separate ways in the store, met up in the dressing room to give second opinions, and checked out in record time! 

10. A clean kitchen. It just makes me so cheery when all of the counter tops are wiped down and clear of dirty dishes or other random crap. 

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  1. A good shopping buddy is hard to find!! Good work ladies!!!


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