What's in my bag?

Let's play a little game called, "What's in my bag?"

Clearly, I'm hurting for blogging material here, because honestly, who gives a crap? Maybe someone does. So here, I will willingly spill the contents of my purse and share them with you. 

1. My most favorite sunglasses in the whole wide world. In fact, I wear them daily despite the fact that they are missing a nose pad and give me a little red mark on the one side. (I seriously need to get that fixed before it causes a permanent indent.) I spied these on an episode of Cougar Town, tracked them down from Lilly Pulitzer, and bought those puppies. It was one of the first pair of "expensive"(over $10) sunglasses I purchased for myself so I vowed to keep them in their special little case. 

2. My Pendleton wallet, a gift from BryGuy. Similar style available here.

3. Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons because I can't tell you how many times I've been near a BB&B and I don't for the life of me have a 20 percent off coupon, but damnit, I need something! So now, I always carry them. 

4. My good old train pass, stored securely in a little wallet with a window, so it never comes out of my work bag unless I need to take public transportation on the weekends! Similar style available here

5. Gum. Because after a few cups of coffee, it's a necessity. 

6. I love this Eucerin Intensive Repair Hand Creme, it's a little greasy but when my hands are dry it feels like heaven. 

7. Clearly, I like to keep my kisser looking right. I carry around a tinted gloss by Femme Couture, Softlips conditioner/sunscreen, and a sheer gloss by e.l.f.

8. Keys, to get in my house and drive my car, duh. But also, please note the Hooters Key Chain. I've had this puppy since spring break 2004 or was it 2005? Anyway, it really comes in handy. I lost it for a little while and BryGuy and I were lost out in the world with our bottled beer and no way to open it. Luckily, it turned up again and claimed its rightful place on my key chain once again. 

9. Agua. Because a girl has to stay hydrated, and I seriously need to drink more water. 

What's missing? My phone, because I had to use that silly thing to take this picture, since I still don't have a nice camera! If you could see it in this picture you'd be looking at a Samsung Galaxy SIII, with a white Otterbox Commuter Case. 


  1. You need the app Snip Snap. Ron from CFMY is one of the creators. You can store all of your coupons in the app and even use coupons others have snapped. I used it at BB&B no problem. No more carrying around giant cardboard coupons!

    1. You're so right Gina, I need to stop carrying those stupid coupons, what is it 2001? LOL downloading app now...

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