Quit slackin' and make it happen!

I saw this while perusing the interwebs today, and it spoke to me. 

I, like so many people I know, am guilty of complaining about a situation instead of doing something to change it.

Nothing is going to get handed to you (or me) on a silver platter. For instance, if I want this blog to be something special and turn it from a hobby into a source of revenue, I'm going to have to work for it. It's going to take a lot of hustle, time, research and dedication. But I'm committed and working to make it happen!  

If you aren't happy at your current job, look for a new one! If you want to start a business, write up a business plan and meet with your local small business development center. If you want to be proud and confident in your physical appearance, then watch what you eat and get your ass to the gym! 

As I go into the weekend, I'm reflecting on all the things in my life I'm grateful for, and making a list of all those things I need to work on and improve. 

I consistently need to remind myself that change is positive and necessary for growth. 

Happy Friday Lovers! 

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