Lake house adventures

Look at that lovely cabin in the woods. That is where BryGuy and I spent a few days on a family vacation of sorts. 

My parents recently decided to purchase a boat, a beautiful 10-seat pontoon boat a.k.a The Party Boat (Can we say mid-life crisis?) Well, they've been dying to get that boat on the open seas, so they rented this lovely house on Lake Sacandaga in the Adirondacks, and invited a bunch of family and friends to come up and hang with them. Obviously, we never pass up an opportunity to get away for an extended weekend excursion so we said, "hells yeah!" The three days we were there consisted of a lot of boating, drinking, eating, game playing and laughing. It was glorious! 

My favorite part of the house was the huge great room on the main floor. It has floor to ceiling windows, a huge vaulted ceiling with exposed beams and it's just so bright and cozy. This is where we spent 99% of our time while in the house. I love that they have a beautiful stainless steal Viking stove in a kitchen with that 1980s wallpaper, but hey, no judgement here. 

When we arrived, we found our sleeping arrangements, changed into our swim suits and booked it to the boat. My father (on the left) is our trusty captain, followed by my cousin and uncle, and my mother doing something crazy with her car keys. 

BryGuy loves being outdoors, especially when it's hot and sunny. He was happy as a little clam with his beer in hand and the sun shining down on him. 

Oh look, there's a speed boat coming our way! Could it be my long lost sister? It could. We met up with my sis, her boyfriend, and their two friend tied our boats up together and cooled down in the refreshing lake. 

We are not the most photogenic family. I look like I'm angry (probably because it appears that I don't have any pants on), my sister looks like she's had a few too many drinks, and my bro looks cross-eyed. Not cute. 

I just love this man so much. Look at how I look at him? He's not amused. 

El capit├ín decided that he needed a break from the wheel and he let mama take over for a bit. 

A little vacation wouldn't be complete without some hammerschlagen

I attempted to capture the supermoon, but I failed... however I still think this photo is cool. 

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