My week in photos 6/17 - 6/25

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1. I picked up some Spanish saffron from Williams-Sonoma last week. It's a little pricey at $18 per tiny little jar, however, there are a lot of saffron threads in there and you only need a pinch to pack a lot of flavor into a dish. I decided to make some saffron quinoa to go with the Mediterranean kabobs we were cooking up on the grill and it was so delicious. I'll try to post a step-by-step recipe soon.

2. BryGuy and I were in desperate need of some summer sun, so we made a visit to North Shore Beach Club and ordered up some jalepeno margaritas. 

3. For date-night we decided to head to Calaca Feliz for some delicious Mexican food. We had to wait a few minutes for a table on the patio, so we decided to snap a photo on the stoop. 

4. Last Saturday, our gym had a day at the baseball park! While there wasn't a lot of baseball watching there was a lot of eating, drinking, and tailgating. 

5. The husband and I took a drive up north to Lake Sacandaga in the Adirondacks to spend some time with my 'rents. We stayed in this beautiful cabin and went out on their new boat every day. 

6. After a day on the boat and in the sun, my hair was looking extra blonde and wild and in much need of a shower. 

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