Rise of the backless and braless

It's no secret, open back tops and dresses are a thing right now. However, for those of us that are a little more endowed in the chestal region these pose a serious challenge. If you wear a bra with them, the entire back of your bra is exposed and it really takes away from the sexiness of the shirt in the first place. If you don't wear a bra, you're feeling a little "free" and unsupported. Plus, passersby may gawk at your magnificent boobs top. 

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I know they have these weird stick-on bras but I highly doubt they offer any real support and if they have tape that wraps around the sides, it might show (and that's not cute either). 

So what's a girl to do? 

I've done both. Braless is definitely more comfortable and shows of the shirt's true potential, and it's really freeing to go out without straps and wires constricting your torso. This past weekend however, I wore a bra under one backless shirt because I knew I would be moving around a lot and didn't want to give anyone a free show.

I think the decision is entirely personal. For those with natural "perk" it's a no brainer. For those that need some support, try to find a bra that compliments the shirt and maybe is a little sexy on it's own (a.k.a, a little lacy or sheer number). The last thing you want is your basic white or flesh-toned bra showing out the back and distracting from your nice shirt and sexy assets in the first place. 

Some backless shirts I'm really digging right now: 

1. Asos Tank with Open Back and Knot Detail ($37.33)
2. Blaque Label Open Back Top ($79.00)
3. Juicy Couture Muscle Tee with Open Back ($42.00)
4. Forever 21 Open Back NYC Muscle Tee ($12.80)

The shirt that I've worn with and without a bra: 

Available on Asos.com - Asos Swing Cami ($20.36)

Are you feeling the trend? Do you go sans bra or just let those straps show? 


  1. I think the world would end if I went sans bra..

    1. I bed to differ. I think the world would rejoice and jaws would be dropping as you walked down the street ;)

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