Some explaining to do

You may have seen my post yesterday, or if we're friends on social media, possibly even a little earlier. I think I owe the readers of this blog a little apology. Because I've had this big thing on my mind that I couldn't share with you all, it felt almost artificial to write about other things during this time. So, the blog took a hit in the content department. I slacked off on compiling my ten happy moments, because honestly, there's this ONE happy thing that tops them all. And also, the exhaustion, oh the exhaustion, I hardly had the energy to change out of my work clothes and into pajamas when I walk in the door after work, let alone research topics, cook, take and edit photos, and write amazing blog posts. So again, I apologize. It is my hope and commitment going forward not to let this thing take the back seat any more.

With that being said, I think I also have a few things to address. Yes, we're having a baby. Yes, that means that eventually I'll be a mother. No, that does not mean this will be a "mommy blog." This is a "lifestyle" blog. Whatever the hell that means. But to me it means that it's about MY LIFE (and style). So will I talk about things related to pregnancy and being a parent? YES, because they are parts of my life. But will I also continue to post content completely unrelated to those things? Absolutely.

Things I've learned since getting knocked up:

1. I can kind of understand that show I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant now. I was always one of those people that was like, "What the eff do you mean you didn't know you were pregnant?" You haven't had a visit from Aunt Flo in nine months and you didn't think it was a remote possibility? You packed on a few pounds and you didn't think that was a second sign? It really took a tummy ache and a baby in the toilet for you to realize it!?

Well obviously, mine isn't that extreme of a case. LIKE, AT ALL. But for six plus weeks, I really had no idea. You hear about those women that have sex one day (sorry to be crude, but that IS how babies are made) and the next day they're calling their friends saying, "I KNOW I'm pregnant, I just KNOW it, I can FEEL it."

Not me, nope. Not even one bit. I didn't have sore boobs or whatever else it is that you're supposed to feel that might clue you in. In fact, the only reason I even took a pregnancy test was to prove I wasn't pregnant! Well, wouldn't you know, that test said, "Yes" and then the next five said the same thing. And as I thought back on the last month or so, I went, ahh haa! That explains why I felt like I was going to fall asleep at my desk every day and that's why I was so winded every time I tried to work out!

My point is, some people don't have that bizarre intuition or whatever it is and might go a month or two without even realizing it. It happened to me, it can happen to you.

2. It is really, really hard to trick your drinking friends. I've tried it all, sitting at brunch and placing a regular drink order, then sneaking up to the bar to tell the bartender to make it a virgin, just to have the waitress come back and loudly announce, "Virgin Bloody Mary." Womp womp. Cover blown. Also, when you order a virgin drink at a bar and you end up with your drink in a weird cup, like a water cup and not the standard glass tumbler everyone else is sipping from. Strike two. Sometimes people might call you out on it, and you just gotta fess up. Other times they just let it slide, but you can feel them giving you the side eye from across the table. Oh well, cats out of the bag now. Sorry friends, I won't be your trusty drinking buddy for the next six months, I'm sure you'll get along fine without me.

3. This pregnancy thing is kind of boring. This is similar to point one. In the early months of pregnancy, before you have a belly, before everyone knows, before you feel kicks or movement, it's kind of this elusive thing that you might occasionally forget about. There are days where it's the only thing I think about and days where I forget for long periods of time. I suppose I should enjoy the time now before every Tom, Joe and Larry on the street has an opinion or question about my growing mid-section.

Signs and Symptoms

The Bad: Bacne (back acne). Gross. Permanent greasy face and hair. Gross. Fatigue. Zzzzzz.

The Good: No morning sickness. Lucky me! There were two mornings where I felt like I might hurl but I got some fresh air and something to eat and eventually the nausea passed. Long and strong finger nails. I have the crappiest, flimsiest nails in the whole world, that is until now. They are growing at insane speeds and looking nice and healthy.

The Weird: A belly that comes and goes. I think that's really because it's primarily bloat, and not a baby, but by the end of each day I feel like I have a full blown baby bump, and then by morning time, it's back to normal.

That's all for now, I also want to say that Bry and I were overwhelmed and humbled by the support and love we received from family and friends following our little announcement yesterday. We feel so blessed, and know that by your liking or commenting on our news that is an unwritten contract of your commitment to babysit our little rug rat in the future *wink wink*

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