A trip to the lake

Following my brother's high school graduation ceremony on Saturday, my family and I packed the cars and made the drive up to Sacandaga Lake where my parents rented a house for the week. The few days we got to spend there were perfect (minus the relentless mosquitoes.) On day one, we had some boat issues, so we spent the morning hanging out at the dock, soaking up the rays, playing endless games of fetch with Titan, and letting dad work his magic on the boat. Finally, the boat was up and running and we headed out on the high seas. Titan got to practice his fetching capabilities in deeper waters and everyone jumped in for a cool off.

Would you check out that diving form? Not Titan's, mine.
After an afternoon on the boat we headed back to the house for dinner and family game night.

On day two, we packed up the coolers with lunch supplies and plenty of cold beverages and headed back out on the lake. Zach attempted a flip off the boat that didn't go so well and dad decided to get in a little swim practice for his next triathlon.
We visited Sand Island (which doesn't have very much sand at all this time of the year because of the water levels.) 
Then we headed back to camp to get cleaned up and have a little catnap before dinner. For dinner, the adults headed to the Lakeside Tavern for some burgers and brews and then a little sunset cruisin'. 
We headed back to the boat, cracked open a bottle of rosé and admired the beautifully calm waters. 

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