A rough week

It's been a rough one. As you can see I've taken almost a full week's vacation from this here blog. Not because I planned it that way. I'd appear much more put-together had I actually planned it, but instead I find myself feeling guilty that I haven't posted anything, but lacking the creativity to develop original content. So, I decided to come here and ramble on to you about how I haven't anything good to write, and therefore haven't written anything. 

I'm sorry. 

Actually, I shouldn't apologize because you probably didn't notice anyway so that's just self-indulgent. 

Moving on to why it's been a rough week:

I work for a company that's primarily in the business of events, which means the fall and the spring are like the nutso, crazy, can't-catch-your-breathe times of year, and this week was the kick off to all of that hectic-ness. I feel like my to-do list is growing and nothing is ever getting checked off (Yes, I have a physical to-do list with little boxes that I check off.) Stop judging me.

Also, there was a bit of a tragedy that occurred in our office building. The tragedy being that someone decided to throw himself off of said building on Wednesday, and it seems to be all anyone can talk about. But really, know one knows much about it, so people just speculate and assume. It's morbid, sad, weird, and surreal all at once. 

I haven't been taking many photos with my new camera because I feel like I haven't done enough research and reading to learn how to really use my new camera to its full potential. I'm annoyed with myself because I haven't made time to invest in this thing that I really want to learn and spent a lot of money on. 

Lastly, because I'm feeling stressed and overwhelmed I tend to make unhealthy food choices, which leads to guilt about eating poorly, which leads to anxiety about gaining weight, which leads to restless nights in bed and exhaustion to follow the next day at work, which means I'm not as efficient at handling tasks at work, which leads to more stress about my workload and then comes full circle, right back around to eating poorly. Can we say dysfunctional?

Welp. Rant over. 

I'm looking forward to this weekend. I'm going to a) take photos b) get my house in order, and c) spend time relaxing and being around friends that make me forget about all the stuff mentioned above.

Happy Friday! 

What are you up to this weekend?!? I hope your week was better than mine!! 


  1. 1) I DID notice that you didn't post this week - not self-indulgent

    2) I totally understand the lack of motivation/guilt cycle. I feel like I've been incredibly lazy since finishing school. It's frustrating that I have all this time to actually do stuff, but I find myself either constantly looking at some sort of social media or reading Harry Potter (which actually I don't get too fussed about). I've been talking about learning spanish, reading journals and cracking open my EKG workbook.. alas, it has yet to happen.

    3) I like that you write/rant about things just not going the way you imagined, hoped, planned. It makes your blog that much more real and relatable.

    4) Love you

    1. 1. Lol, you're the only one that would notice!

      2. Yea, I go through these major periods of focus on the blog or whatever it is at the time but it's hard to sustain that passion... oh well, I'll get around to the camera thing. For now, I just tinker around until I get a decent photo. BTW saw the new tat... you little rebel, you.

      3. When all fails, I write from the heart. I'll probably look back in a few years and kick myself for spilling my guts out like that, but for now, whatevs...

      4. LOVE YOU


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