Philly's Pour the Core: Hard Cider Festival

On Saturday, we ventured over to The Navy Yard for Philadelphia's first Pour the Core Hard Cider Festival. We sampled at least 50 different ciders, and spent the day in the gorgeous sunshine! I would tell you which ones I liked best but I actually can't really remember the names of the them...

What I can tell you is that that highlight of the day was hanging out in the Strongbow Lounge. They had quite the setup with some really nice bench seating and quick access to some cool cider-based mixed drinks that they were serving up. I'm definitely going to make the one with cider, cinnamon whiskey, and pomegranate juice at home. 

It seems like they plan to hold this event annually, which I would highly recommend but I hope they make some improvements. 1. The tasting tent was way too congested, they need to spread some of that out so it's less of a mad house. 2. Must have more bathrooms, people are drinking which means they have to pee, a lot. 3. More food trucks. Almost all of the food trucks were running out of food by 3 p.m. and there were crazy long lines. Hopefully as the event gains momentum more trucks will participate and they'll fix the things that didn't work. 

We hoped on an early bird deal to buy our tickets for $20. But apparently the ticket price went up to $40 online, and $65 at the door! I think if it was any more than $20 I would probably pass. 

Also, you'll have to excuse my poor cell phone photos. I brought my Canon, but I left the memory card in my computer at home! Such a rookie mistake. 

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