CrossFit Manayunk wins... at life

I've said it before and I'll say it again, my gym rocks. It's not just because the programming is good and the coaches are awesome (although both of those things are true.) It's because the people are welcoming and fun and they don't take themselves too seriously. A bunch of folks from the gym are part of a competition league called the Liberty Box League with other CrossFit gyms from around Philadelphia. Competitions are held every Saturday for five weeks and then there is a championship competition the first weekend in November. Since Saturday was our first week hosting at CrossFit Manyunk, we wanted to make it memorable. In addition to having a stellar cheering section, we hosted a post-event barbecue and potluck. Also, because both our advanced and novice teams kicked butt, we celebrated our victory with a lot of alcoholic beverages and an epic game of Catch Phrase. 

Go Jane, go! 

We had some delicious barbecue courtesy of Smoke or Be Smoked BBQ


  1. we also have amazing people who capture tons of wonderful photos to capture the victory :)


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