The top-secret secret to a shapely butt

Photo from Muscle & Fitness Hers

I'm about to tell you a secret. 

Honestly, you can't share this with anyone. This is just going to stay between us. If people everywhere got a hold of this information it would be catastrophic.

The secret to a plump, perky and perfectly JLo-esque derrière is..... wait for it.....


Maybe it's a little more complicated than that. 

No. It's. Not. Just do squats. 

Back squats, front squats, air squats, lunges, goblet squats (yea Google it, that sh*t is weird), overhead squats, and any type of squat under the sun. 

The heavier the better, but if you don't have a way to add weight (a.k.a. your hotel furniture is bolted to the floor) just start doing air squats and lunges. 

Yes, some folks are genetically blessed in the booty department. But, the magical thing is that your backside is a muscle. The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in your body and you can tighten and enlarge that puppy right up. 

If only our boobies could be so lucky. 

And now some inspiration: Bubble Butt (for your listening pleasure). 

Shameless plug: If you're looking for a total body workout, I highly recommend you get in touch with my pal David Lee at CrossFit Manayunk (CFMY). This man know's how to program a workout, lemme tell you. For every class there is a strength component followed by some high-intensity conditioning, and we squat. A LOT. In fact, I think Bry and I have blown out a few of our favorite pants and shorts as a direct result of the firmer 'dunks we are sporting. 

Ladies - don't get nervous, I've lost weight and inches all around, but my rear is noticeably firmer and more importantly, I feel stronger and healthier. 

Soon all the girls will be singing, "thanks to Dave Lee's workout plan I'm the envy of all my friends"

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