A long weekend in Cape May

This past weekend we took one of our semi-annual vacations to Cape May, New Jersey for a long weekend. We usually book at least two weekends a summer at this adorable little beach cottage in North Cape May. 

You'll see by the following photos that there is only two things we like to do on vacation. Number one: sit on the beach. Number two: eat. We had a lot of great breakfasts and dinners out and I always prepare a bunch of food so we have enough for lunch and snacks throughout the trip and thus we save ourselves a little money and don't feel so guilty when we splurge on a meal at a restaurant. 

Day One:  When we arrived we grabbed to-go breakfast from a little bagel place and headed straight for the beach! See BryGuy enjoying the daily paper. No more photos taken that day because we were a little nervous about carrying the nice camera around, but we quickly got over it and captured the rest of the vacation. After five hours on the beach we headed back to the cottage, showered up and dressed for dinner. We headed over to the Lobster House (a Cape May staple) and grabbed a drink on the Schooner before we were seated in the dining room.

Day Two:
Breakfast starts at The Red Store at Cape May Point. The food is inventive and delicious. BryGuy had the red juice which tastes mostly like beets and then we split the Red Store Pancakes and the Chorizo Torta. 

The church across from the Red Store. 

 Our home away from home for the weekend. 

We ventured on over to the bay, we usually prefer the beaches closer to the downtown area because there are big waves, but we wanted to try out the calmer waters of the bay which are much less crowded! 

After another few hours at the beach we threw on some clothes and ventured over to H&H Seafood where they have all you can eat crabs and it's a BYO! You're right on the marina and they bring out the crabs in nice big buckets and just let you dig in and sit there as long as you'd like. We went around 4:30 p.m. and it wasn't crowded but I heard the dinner rush is insane. My best advice is to get there early, otherwise you might be waiting for a table or heaven forbid, they might sell out! 

After dinner we went back to the cottage to wash off all that crabby gunk. We made a quick change and ventured over to The Rusty Nail for live reggae music and some tropical beverages. The sun started to dip down and we made a last-minute call to duck out and drive to the bay to see if we could catch the sunset on camera. 

See how excited BryGuy is? 

Thanks to a little self-timer action we were able to get a cheesy "couple" shot which looks like we're standing in front of a backdrop. 

Then I made Bry climb out on the jetty and look pensive. 

And we spotted a horseshoe crab. Aren't they so weird and prehistoric looking? 

After the sunset we headed to Harpoon Henry's for some more drinks and listened to live music from the same guy that's there every Sunday playing the exact. same. playlist.  

We headed over to the Boiler Room at Congress Hall for some dancing and more live music! 

Day Three: 
After all that dancing we needed a serious pick-me-up in the morning. We headed to the Mad Batter (known for their delicious pancakes) and ordered up some Bloody Mary's. Stat. 

Husband ordered some crazy version of scrambled eggs on texas toast and I went with a crab benedict. 

We walked around the "mall" for a little bit. What Cape May calls a mall is really the most adorable strip of shops, restaurants, and boutiques. 
We also ventured over to an antique flea market they were having. I was drooling over all of the old jewelry! I'm totally regretting the fact that I didn't buy anything.

Then we headed to the beach again! Three days in a row of beautiful sunny weather. We are so lucky! 

Bry caught a horseshoe crab! No he didn't. It was already dead and washed up to shore, but he wishes he caught it! Random thought: Do you think anyone has ever seen a live horseshoe crab in the ocean? That would be terrifying. 

After another tough day of eating, drinking and swimming, we changed our clothes, slapped on some deodorant and headed out for our last supper (of the trip). Bry was feeling like pizza so we decided to try Panico's Bistro which we passed about ten times a day while we were there. We shared a salad and then split two individual-sized pies. Also, it's BYO so don't forget your wine! 

I have a crazy sweet tooth so I ordered the chocolate peanut butter bombe and we grabbed some caffeine. 

Then we sadly got into the car and headed back to Philadelphia, back to real life. So sad. 

I think I must have been a surfer chick in a former life because I just love the beach. I think my retirement plan is going to be to open up a beach bar in a remote destination! I know Bry will be on board -- he's a beach bum at heart too. 


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