My week in photos 6/29 - 7/7

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1. I wrote all about our friends visiting Philly from Boston and our fun adventures around the city. BryGuy ordered the Michelada from Morgan's Pier and it was spicy and refreshing all in one. 

 2. Whipped up a little taco salad and sweet plantains for a mid-week dinner. 

3. Bry always requests that I make chicken salad for our days at the beach. It's the perfect beach food because it can be eaten straight with a fork, or as a cracker topping. Recipe will be posted on the blog shortly! 

4. Brooklyn Flea comes to Philly, every Sunday for the summer! We had a fun time just walking around and even picked up a barbecue sandwich and iced coffee. It was hot as balls, so I just didn't have the energy to buy anything, but I'm certain we will back in a few Sundays. 

5. Driving back from the flea market, the sun was shining and the Art Museum was looking gorgeous as usual. I could just live there in that gigantic palace with it's wonderfully manicured gardens. 

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