Did Beyonce Just Get More Awesome?

Did anyone catch the "Life is But a Dream" HBO special on Beyonce this past weekend? In regards to the documentary itself, I thought it was a little scattered. It wasn't in chronological order which made it really hard to follow the timeline of events, but all in all, I thought it showed a side of Beyonce I haven't seen before. It also led to a heated little debate between me and the husband, but we'll get to that in a minute. 

I've read some critical feedback on the documentary, as I said it's definitely all over the place. But I thought that there was some great messaging, I learned some things about her that I didn't know before, and I felt a new sense of empowerment over my own life. Here's why:

Beyonce was make-up-less for a lot of the film and I respect that. I don't wear a ton of make-up, but I feel like lately I've been more consistent about putting make-up on and doing my hair for everything. While I love to get dressed up and look nice for a night out, I sometimes feel obligated to wear make-up even though it might not be the best thing for my skin at the time. So, cheers to you Beyonce! I'm going to try face au naturel a bit more often. BryGuy always tells me he loves me with and without makeup (maybe he's just saying that to be nice) but sometimes it feels good to just go out into the world with a totally fresh face.

Beyonce is human. I really appreciate that she showed her vulnerabilities and insecurities. Which just proves that fame and fortune don't buy eternal happiness. This is the point where BryGuy and I got into a little debate. He felt that it was irresponsible of her to share a "sob story" about being insecure and sensitive because she has a life that most people could only dream of. BryGuy's feeling was that when she decided to try and be famous, she knew that meant giving up her privacy and a life of scrutiny from the public and media. While I agree, that is the price you pay when you are famous, I don't think that most people can really grasp what that will mean and how it will affect them. AND, my point was that even if she did know that there would be sacrifices, maybe she still wasn't prepared for it. 

Also, she was really raw when it came to speaking about her miscarriage. So many woman go through this, and unless you've been through it yourself you can't possibly understand the heartbreak. I really admired her honesty on the subject.

Beyonce is a modern feminist. I thought it was really meaningful and sincere when she spoke about how she hopes to empower women through her music. She spoke about how it upsets her that male-dominated industries have set the tone for what it means to be beautiful and sexy. I've been thinking about this topic a lot lately... I've never met a woman that didn't want to change at least one thing about her body. What the heck is that about? I mean it's great to strive to be healthier or stronger. But why can't we just accept the way we are in the moment? Myself included. I don't want my future daughter to constantly want to change things about herself, or wish she had a bigger this and a smaller that. I want her to be confident and content with exactly who she is. So thank you Beyonce, for doing your part to make all women feel fabulous. Especially when we're dancing around the house in our underwear to your latest club banger.

Beyonce is focused. Some might call her a perfectionist, but I don't really like that term. She knows what she wants and she is unwilling to compromise. There is a moment in the film where she clearly gets frustrated with some members of her team. She is firm and straightforward with them (I can hear some people saying she may have come off a little bitchy, but I really don't think that's true). I can admire that she is so focused on her craft that she doesn't mind being direct and to-the-point. She has inspired me to focus on the things that I love, stick to my guns, and to not compromise just for the sake of being nice. 

Say what you want about the woman, she's doing something right. She has a great marriage, a beautiful family, and she's doing what she loves. Go B! 

How did you feel about the film? If you didn't see it, a few websites have leaked the full version, check it out. 

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  1. Nicely written!! I will admit I watched it a couple times home sick since it was on HBO for like 48 hours straight... I agree that it was really nice to see Beyonce the person! (Is it weird to think we would be friends!? lol) As well as Beyonce the person in charge! I think we as women all struggle to find our voice professionally and run the risk of being perceived as a bitch. As Tina Fey and Amy Pohler remind us... "Bitches get shit done."
    I thought she came across pretty gracious too and she love her some JayZ! The parts of them together were really cute!!


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