My Week in Photos: 2/17 - 2/23

1. Since I've really been slacking in the nail department, I thought I would spice things up for President's Day. There's nothing more patriotic than pink sparkly nails. Color: OPI Excuse Moi! 

2. My company rents out a storage unit in our building which is located on the rooftop level of the building. Whenever I have to go up there to pick up something, I step outside for a minute and take in the view. Since I'll be starting a new job soon, I figured I should really soak it in. It was a little chilly out there but the Comcast Center was reflecting the clouds beautifully. 

3. The creepy sign outside the closed down bar near our house. Not only does it look creepy, but when it's windy is creaks like in the scary movies. Yikes. 

4. My 'rent's and bro stopped by Philly for a night to hang out. A few years back when they visited, BryGuy and I took them to Marrakesh (an amazing Morrocan restaurant off of South Street). My bro loved the meal and has wanted to go back ever since, so Friday was his lucky day! 

5. We brought it back to the college days at a house party and broke out the pong table. By the way, I royally sucked and the drinks weren't helping me play any better. 

6. My gorgeous friend rang in her birthday earlier this month, but due to a lot of tight schedules, we didn't get to celebrate until this past weekend. Happy birthday lady! FYI - She writes a cool blog, check it out: City In Between

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  1. Aww thanks for the shoutout!! And for helping me celebrate properly :)


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