My Week in Photos: 2/10 - 2/16

1. BryGuy and I typically don't do anything for Valentine's Day since our anniversary used to be in early February. But he surprised me at work this Vday with a beautiful arrangement. And I have to say he did a wonderful job! I was excited that it wasn't red roses... not that I have anything against them, they're just not my favorite. I really love hydrangeas and orchids and the tulips were just a great springy touch.

2. These are the power lines near my train station. I see them everyday and never thought much of it, but for some reason it struck me as really interesting this week....so obvi, I snapped a photo. 

3. City Hall in Philly - The view outside my office building. I recently accepted a new job (yay me!) So unfortunately, I won't have this view for much longer. But my new office is only three blocks away, so it'll be a view from a slightly different angle. 

4. The sky was really nice this week. I snapped this after I got home from work one day and I am so happy that the sun was still out! I think I might get a mild case of seasonal depression, so any little bit of Vitamin D makes me happy. 

5. Driving back from visiting BryGuy's family in Jersey we saw all of these cranes with American flags. It made me feel very patriotic. 

6. I love brussels sprouts! They are my favorite veggie of all time and I usually make them roasted with bacon and caramelized onions. Yummmmmmm. 

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