My Week in Photos: 2/2 - 2/9

I wasn't so good about taking photos last week. So I'm throwing in a few that stretch past the designated time frame. Please forgive me. I'll do better next week. 

1. A much-needed Sunday morning breakfast with delicious coffee (and maybe a Bloody Mary too) at one of my favorite restaurants in Manayunk: Agiato

2. So apparently this is a thing. BryGuy's car was a victim of some snow day vandalism. I think it's very bizarre that they would draw a rocket ship on our car... (I'm kidding, I know it's not a rocket ship...)

3. A delicious treat that I made for Super Bowl Sunday courtesy of a recipe found on Pinterest: Avalanche Bars (made with rice krispies, white chocolate, peanut butter, marshmallows and chocolate chips) We hosted a small group of friends to watch the game and had some amazing food and a lot of laughs. 

4. See those salt flecks? They really make butter way better. A little salt and rosemary go a long way! 

5. Bry and I took a walk down to Main Street for Manayunk on Ice this past weekend. This is an annual tradition that involved a big bon fire and an ice carving competition. Why? I have no idea...

 6. Haha my buddy doing her best "Cousin Itt" impression...at the bar. 

7. A Sunday dinner for two. Delicious carnitas tacos with cilantro-lime sour cream sauce and the other traditional toppings. The recipe to follow in another post because seriously, the carnitas meat (pork booty) was out of this world. 

I'm learning that maybe I take too many food photos and need to diversify my Instagram feed a bit. Nahh I really love food, so I'm gonna keep doing that. But I'll try to add more non-food content to balance it out. 

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