Camping and Oktoberfest 2015

This post is coming a little late, but I thought I'd share some photos of our fun camping trip and Oktoberfest party from last weekend. We headed up to New York for the Columbus Day Weekend and spent one night in the Adirondacks freezing our butts off and the second night we spent at my parent's annual Oktoberfest party. 

Camping was gorgeous despite the chilly weather, but we knew what to expect so we packed our winter clothes accordingly. We sat around the fire for the day and shared a lot of laughs and a few sing-a-longs as well. As the sun dipped down we warmed our bellies with s'mores (or adult beverages for some) and looked into the clear sky for a spectacular view of the stars. 

The following day was spent eating German fare, playing hammerschlagen and then watching the Giant's play a pitiful game of football.
Uncle Kha "The Sorcerer" made colorful flames in the fire pit. 
Jamel kept the firewood coming so we could stay warm and toasty. 

On to Oktoberfest... how about them brats? 
How about them beers? Do you think we have enough? So many good beers and I can't have any :(
This glow in the dark bocce set was a big hit. I'm totally going to have to pick up a set for playing in the evening. 
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