The Best Way to Preserve Your Wedding Gown

UPDATE: Blushing Bride is offering a $10 discount for all Marissa says... readers that place an order in October! Be sure to mention this blog when you place your order! 

Have you ever wondered what people do with their wedding dresses after the wedding day? Let me tell you. They pay an insane amount of money for it to be cleaned, like hundreds of dollars... and then it gets bagged up and hung in a closet somewhere only to be pulled out someday when their daughter asks about it. Where's mine, you ask? Sitting in said closet, in said bag.

I know, I know some ladies pay an arm and a leg to have their dresses preserved, and where do those sit? In a closet or attic in their preservation boxes. If you're really crazy, you might do something like this. But honestly, that's a bit much. 

Well, I have a treat for you. Whether you're a bride who wants to remember her beautiful wedding day, or a special friend of a bride-to-be looking for a unique gift, these beautiful artistic creations from Brushing Bride are the perfect solution to capture your wedding dress in a timeless (and space-saving) way. I had the opportunity to talk to Krystina, owner and artist behind Brushing Bride and learn about how she started her business and what she loves most about creating these beautiful works of art. 

How did Brushing Bride get started? Where did the idea come from?
My best friend of twenty-seven years was getting married, and I wanted to do something special besides throw her a killer bachelorette party. When we were younger I would always draw pictures and gift them to her on her birthday. I thought it would be a cute idea to draw something for her wedding, and I figured her dress would be the perfect subject. It was extremely unique, and, like most brides, she was in love with it. I joked with her all the time about how much money she was spending on a dress she would only wear once then throw in her closet. I framed the sketch and gave it to her on her wedding day, telling her she can now look at her dress EVERY day. I was half joking. Afterwards, I think all of her bridesmaids asked to place an order.

When did you “officially” open for business?
I have extremely supportive family and friends who kept telling me how talented I was, but these are the same people who also supported by lifelong dream of playing in the WNBA even though I stopped growing at the age of 12 (I am almost 5’2”).  I have been commissioned several times over the past year, but I recently started my website within the past two months and since then business has been phenomenal. My favorite part is getting lost in my art. When I draw, time is irrelevant, and I don’t think about a single thing except about what I am doing at that moment. I was an art minor in college and did it because I loved it, not because I needed to go to college to get a job and make money. It’s funny how life works out.
When did you start drawing? Do you remember the first thing you ever sketched/drew?
I started drawing when I was given my first piece of sidewalk chalk. My mom still jokes about that day. I lived in a neighborhood that had a driveway in the back, and I was so excited because I had free reign over 50 yards of cement. Naturally, I spent an entire day (literally) designing a seven story mansion equipped with Jacuzzis in every bathroom, a ball pit, a kitchen full of pizza and a dishwasher – basically everything I wanted that wasn’t in my house at the time. I didn’t leave any of the ground untouched. I cried for hours when it rained two days later.

Do you just stick to wedding gowns these days or do you draw other things as well?
As far as Brushing Bride is concerned, I have only really worked on wedding gowns. I am working on a fun piece now for a couple that are big into running, which will include the gown, tuxedo and a pair of kicks. I do like to draw other subjects as well, but they don’t necessarily fit with the Brushing Bride concept. Besides graphite pencil, I also really enjoy working with charcoal, acrylic paint and wire. I designed a life size wedding gown out of wire recently. It is probably my favorite piece, but my hands and arms didn’t look too hot afterwards.
What is your favorite thing about weddings?
I love everything about weddings, except the hangovers. But seriously, I have had the opportunity to share this special day at the side of many of my girlfriends, and there are so many things I find extraordinary about all the small details that go into planning this very big day. Mostly, I love what it represents. I guess I am a bit of a romantic. If I had to pick one moment during the wedding, it would be the moment the bride appears in view and begins to walk down the aisle. At this point, most eyes are on her, but I always turn around to look at the groom. Watching a man get his first glimpse of the woman he is going to marry is pretty special.
Who is your favorite artist or what artists inspire you?
My tastes are constantly changing and evolving so it’s hard to pick a favorite. I have always been in love with Roy Lictenstein’s work. So much so that last Halloween I painted myself as one of his most famous paintings, ‘Drowning Girl’. Along the same lines, I also really like Mads Berg’s illustrations - he specializes in posters, magazine illustrations and brand identity. Paul Phillipe Cret, a French architect, designed several of my favorite Philadelphia landmarks – the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, including the Rodin Museum, the Ben Franklin Bridge, the Barnes Foundation Gallery, the Memorial Arch at Valley Forge, and Rittenhouse Square. He also designed the condo that I live in now, which is a 1940’s Art Deco inspired building. I love so many fashion designers, but I really love the classics – Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Dior. I also have been fascinated by cartography. I have a weird obsession with maps. I think it's because you need to be a boss to be good at making them. It's a combination of science, aesthetics and technique.

If someone was visiting Philadelphia for a weekend, what are three things you would suggest they do?
I can write a novel on what to do in Philly! I grew up here, and I am in love with this city.

1. Explore the neighborhoods! It has a diverse urban fabric, with endless miles of detached single family homes separate from ultra modern and sterile central business districts. We have character and something for everyone!

2. See the history AND the art. Don't think you can watch National Treasure and Rocky and think you know Philly. There are the well-known must do’s: Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Carpenter’s Hall, Betsey Ross House, Elfreth’s Alley, Franklin Institute, The Barnes, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Fairmount Park. If I had to pick one of my favorite places though, it would be the Mütter Museum. It is a medical museum that contains a collection of medical oddities, anatomical and pathological specimens, max models and antique medical equipment. It’s Hyrtl Skull Collection is super freaky. When I get married I would seriously consider getting married on Halloween and having my reception at the museum.

3. Eat. And not soft pretzels or cheesesteaks. Although if you do want soft pretzels the guy that sits at the entrance to I-95 on Academy Road has the best pretzels (even if he doesn't wash his hands), and Mama's, in Bala Cynwyd, has THE best cheesesteaks. By far. No question. But, eat good food because there is plenty of it! There may not be a slew of maverick chefs, using lab equipment or chemicals like sodium alginate to create sci-fi inspired foods; however, the city is a gathering place for extremely talented chefs from around the country. Remember, the Founding Fathers met here, too, to draft the Constitution. Some of my favorites: Amis’ veal tongue and jalapeño pistachio bucatini, Bibou’s pied de por, Zahav’s hummus, Statesides’ smoked pork rillette, Osteria’s Parma pizza, Han Dynasty’s dan dan noodles, Dandelion’s chicken and duck liver parfait, Amada’s sangria, DiBruno’s three-year aged gouda,  Talluto’s marinated mozzarella balls, Claudios’ locatelli, Lee How Fuk’s bao buns, and Stock’s pound cake.

So there you have it. These gorgeous creations start at about $125 (depending on the level of detail in your dress.) Blushing Bride is offering a $10 discount for all Marissa says... readers that place an order in October! Be sure to mention this blog when you place your order! 

Be sure to check out the Brushing Bride website and hook up all your beautiful bride-to-be friends with this unique and creative wedding present! 


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