A Birthday World Tour

It was a birthday to be remembered, it started in France, made a quick stop in Italy, spent the afternoon in England, and headed to Morocco for dinner. Okay, okay, so all of those "visits" occurred within the confines of the City of Philadelphia, but it was wonderful nonetheless! I'm not big on birthdays, I always feel a little embarrassed when there's a fuss made about me on that day. Typically, birthdays just involved a quiet dinner with Bry and some drinks or a rented movie after. 

Well since 28 was a hell of a year, and 29 is going to be life changing, I figured that I would take one day to do some things that have been sitting on my bucket list waiting to be checked off. We started off with a visit to the Rodin Museum (which we have been meaning to visit forever) then as our bellies started to grumble, we headed to Pizzeria Vetri for a little snack. After that, we took advantage of the gorgeous fall weather and strolled along the Ben Franklin Parkway until we landed at The Four Seasons where we were scheduled for afternoon tea. After our bellies were full of sugary treats we went home and relaxed a bit and then got ready for an evening with friends at our favorite Moroccan restaurant. Check out lots of photos from our fun day.  

If you've never been to Pizzeria Vetri I suggest you get over there, stat. The pizza is amazing, in fact the salads and specialties are awesome too. We went with one order of rotolo and a slice of pizza al taglio and shared. 

I follow a bunch of fashion and lifestyle bloggers in the UK and they are always having their cuppa tea and scones with clotted cream and jam. I've always been curious what it was all about and learned that the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia offers afternoon tea on Saturdays and Sundays. For $30 you get a selection of finger sandwiches, scones with cream, jam and lemon curd, and assorted pastries plus your choice of tea. And, for just $6 more you can get a glass of sparkling wine to go with it. The scones were so amazing, I could go for a three-tiered tray of just those puppies and be a happy girl forever. 
Check out my date. Isn't he just so handsome? Can you believe he agreed to suffer through afternoon tea with me? He's a real keeper. 

In the evening, we headed to Marrakesh, an awesome restaurant that serves you a seven course Moroccan meal (BYO!) for only $32 per person (tax & tip included)! We grabbed lots of pita bread and dug in with our hands. My trusty friends managed to polish off  more than 10 bottles of beer and a half a bottle of whisky, which had everyone feeling loose and ready to shake it with the belly dancer. 
Special thank you to all those people that made this birthday so fun! I couldn't ask for better friends or a better husband! Here's to 29 years on planet earth and many more to go! 

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