The birth story

So, I'm going to do my best to spare you all of the gory details, but I did want to get this down on paper (err...screen) so that I remember it myself. One of the most magical things about child birth is that we're scientifically wired to forget it... therefore ensuring that the human race goes on! Because otherwise, no one would sign up for that crap willingly again.

Just kidding! I was very blessed with a fast and relatively easy experience with my first baby, and no matter how difficult it could have been, I got the best present ever at the end of it all. My little Luisa Rose, Lulu, Bugsy, Lulu Bug, and all the other nicknames we're working on giving her, is the most perfect little baby in the whole wide world and I would go through hell and back to bring her into the world again. Read the brief birth story below.

It started early in the morning of my due date (approximately 4:30 a.m.) with some relatively mild contractions -- so mild, in fact, that I thought they might just be Braxton Hicks contractions. I started timing them and realized that they were coming pretty regularly and increasing in intensity. I took a quick shower and then woke Bry up. He was a little frantic, but I tried to remain calm cool and collected, I was convinced that the baby was still hours away from arriving so we need not rush. In fact, I was so not in a rush that I proceeded to blow-dry my hair and throw on some make-up. I mean obviously there were going to be lots of photos, and this chick didn't want to be looking like a hot mess! 

We called the doctor (and waited for a call back telling us to go to the hospital) and proceeded to put our last-minute essentials in our bags. At about 6:00 a.m. we hit the road for the hospital. It was a cold and nasty morning with lots of slushy snow on the ground so Bry was being a very cautious driver. During the car ride there were some killer contractions and I started wondering if this baby was coming sooner than I had originally thought, I gently asked Bry to pick up the pace and luckily he obliged. 

We arrived at the hospital and got into the labor and delivery room by 6:30 a.m. After some very short exams and a lot of frantic conversations with the nurses and doctor, I was told it was too late for an epidural and that baby was coming... like now

After some minimal complications administering an IV (like 6 needle pokes later) it was push time and at 7:23 a.m. I brought a beautiful screaming baby girl into the world. She was absolutely perfect with a big chubby face, a serious neck roll and ten little fingers and toes. She weighed 7 pounds and 15 ounces and the nurses said she had one of the thickest umbilical cords they had ever seen. 
We are so in love with Miss Luisa and have spent the last week constantly admiring her, laughing at her goofy faces, taking so many pictures, and learning all of her different cries and noises (in case you were wondering, she squeaks like a guinea pig when she's hungry and growls like a lion cub right before she's about to eat.) 

Three cheers to the adventure we call parenthood! 


  1. Lil Luisa is so cute! Can't wait to meet her.

    Also, I love when you politely asked Bryun to pick up the pace. I could see you saying this.

    So excited and happy for you two.

  2. I love your story and the pictures. Your labor was not typical for a first baby. I'm glad it went so quickly for you. She is just adorable!

  3. I love your story and the pictures. Your labor was not typical for a first baby. I'm glad it went so quickly for you. She is just adorable!


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