DIY Pom Pom Baby Mobile

As you may recall from my nursery inspiration post a while back, there was a mobile on there that looked very similar to the one pictured above. Well the thing about that mobile is that it cost $160 dollars!? For that price, I expect it to not only entertain my infant for hours at a time, but to also feed and diaper the baby as well... But honestly, there are thousands of mobiles out there, surely I'd be able to find something I like for a more reasonable price. The thing is, I just couldn't get the stinking pom pom mobile out of my head. It was perfect -- the gender neutral colors, the softness, the playfulness --I had to have it. 

So, I channeled my inner Martha Stewart and took to the internet to order my supplies and watch tutorials on making your own pom poms. For under $40, I was able to create a close-enough version that I'm really happy with and I'm sure Baby W will love it too! Get full instructions and details below.  
(All materials ordered from Joann.com
Yarn (6 different colors) - $20
Embroidery hoop (12") - $4
Fabric to cover hoop - $7
Gorilla glue - $3


1. Make all the pom poms (step-by-step photos on that process below) first you're going to make a little cardboard rectangle with the middle cut out. This will help you make all of your pom poms. Keep two longer strings from your center ties on all the pom poms - this will help when you attach them to the mobile. 

2. Cover your embroidery hoop with fabric (the inside loop without the hinge). If you're handy with the sewing kit you can use that, if not, you can glue that bad boy with fabric glue, gorilla glue or hot glue. 

3. Start stringing. start with your lower strings, make five equal size sections of four pom poms each and leave yourself plenty of yarn at the top to attach it to the hoop. Decide what color pompom will be the anchor at the top of your mobile and that's the one you will work off of to attach the top strings from the anchor pom pom to the embroidery hoop. Once you have the five strings from the anchor pom pom attached to the hoop, you can tie on the lower five strings. 

4. Trim and adjust. Trim any pom poms that are in need of a haircut. Tighten or shorten strings to balance the mobile and cut off the excess string. 

5. Hang and admire your work. 

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