Made in America 2014 Style Guide

This is the third year the Made in America Festival is being held in Philadelphia and of course, I got my tickets nice and early. However, if you're anything like me, you wait until the very last moment to get your outfits together, so this weekend I'm headed out in search of some festival appropriate attire. Last year, I put together this 2013 MIA style guide, which I think is still appropriate, so check it out for some additional inspiration.

Wardrobe lessons learned over the past two years:
  1. Wear comfortable shoes. This is not the time to try out knee-high gladiator sandals or your daintiest flip flops, for two reasons; one, your legs and feet are going to swell from standing and being in the heat (ouch) and two, the concert is dirty, really, really dirty. Protect your piggies and your pedicure and stick with close-toe, flat options with good support.
  2. Leave your romper at home. I made the romper mistake last year. Think about it a romper is a one piece outfit with shorts...how do you think you go to the bathroom in that? I'll tell you. You either strip naked in the port-a-potty (so nasty) or you pull the shorts and your underwear to the side (also nasty, but faster.) Save the romper for another time!
  3. Hands-free is key. Bring a back pack, cross body bag, fanny pack, whatever. You're just going to want to not have to worry about a shoulder purse/bag all day long.
Outfit Inspiration 1

Made in America 2014 - Outfit 1

Outfit Inspiration 2

Made in America 2014 - Outfit 2

Outfit Inspiration 3

Made in America 2014 - Outfit 3

Outfit Inspiration 4

Made in America 2014 - Outfit 4

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