A trip to the 'burbs for brunch and brews

BryGuy and I have been craving lobster rolls for quite some time now, so we did a quick search online for best lobster rolls in Philadelphia and Paramour in Wayne came up. We've never been there, and Bry said it was on his wish list of places to try, so we figured we'd bring a couple of friends with us to test it out. We arrived at the Wayne Hotel, parked out front and made our way into the restaurant. The front porch was busy with diners, but the inside was empty. We were promptly seated on the front porch which was lovely, and promptly ordered beverages (fun cocktails for everyone else, water and coffee for me.) 

We glanced over the menu for good measure, but we already knew why we were there. A lobster roll each for Bry and I. Our friends were a bit more adventurous and ordered up chicken and waffles and the California crab sliders. While we were waiting for our entrees, our waiter invited us inside to try the chefs appetizer table. There were small bites of caprese salad, smoked salmon, parfait etc. in addition to a display of fresh pastries. We scooped up loads of small plates and a few croissants and headed back to our table. I apologize that I scarfed down my appetizers so quickly that there was no time for photos. 

In no time our main dishes arrived. The lobster roll was large and chock full of lobster! The mayo dressing was light and didn't detract from the lobster flavor. I also appreciate the roll was perfectly proportioned to the filling. There's nothing worse than getting a lobster roll that's 80 percent roll and 20 percent filling. That's no bueno. 
The crab sliders were a hit as well as the chicken and waffles. That fried chicken was ever so lightly breaded and so incredibly moist... sorry I just drooled on my keyboard. Following my lobster roll, my inevitable sweet tooth showed up. I opted for the steamed lemon pudding cake which sounded refreshing and interesting. The texture was a lemon curd topping and an ultra moist cake on the bottom, it was served with a raspberry sorbet, and was indeed, very refreshing. 
After our long and relaxing brunch, we made our way over to Teresa's Next Door which is known for their amazing beer selection. The boys ordered up some beer in fancy glasses and shared a cheers. I have to make it a point to get back to Teresa's soon for some food because everything that came out of that kitchen smelled heavenly and our bartender was super cool.

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