Get there before it's gone: Spruce Street Harbor Park

We finally made it. With only a handful of days left to spare, we ventured over to the Spruce Street Harbor Park after work for some fresh air and grub. The temperature was perfect, the seats were plentiful (since it was Tuesday) and the air smelled of salt and greasy burgers. This summer pop-up park opened mid-June and Bry and I have been talking about getting there ever since they opened. But you know how summers go... way too fast. So low and behold, we found ourselves just days from the park closing for the season and decided we needed to high tail it down to the harbor. This pop-up park is just dreamy, there are activities for kids and adults alike, shipping containers filled with arcade games and tasty treats for sale, a floating garden oasis, hammocks and Adirondack chairs galore and the beautiful Delaware River to gaze out at. 

*BREAKING NEWS* Spruce Street Harbor Park is going to stay open until September 28 (according to this Uwishunu article) They were originally planning to close September 1, but now you've got a whole month to get your booty down there!

You've got exactly one month to get down there, grab a beverage, find a seat (or hammock) and just enjoy the beauty of this little park in an often unexplored part of the city. 
When your tummy starts to rumble, head over to The Blue Anchor, the restaurant stand catered by The Garces Group. Order up a burger and some fries, maybe even a root beer float if you're feeling crazy and get ready for your name to be called when your order is ready! 
BryGuy and I both opted for the Blue Anchor Special - his with bacon, mine without. The burger is topped with caramelized onions, truffle mushrooms and cheddar cheese. The patty is on the thin side but still tasty nonetheless. We shared an order of shorty fries (fries covered with short ribs and cheese) and I was underwhelmed by the short rib flavor, it tasted more like gravy to me. If I head back I'll opt for the regular fries or just the cheddar version to save a little dough. 
Although we didn't stay after dark, I imagine that once the sun goes down the park is just dreamy. With it's sparkling lights in the trees and the sound of the water lapping at the docks. So be sure to get over there with some friends before the end of September!

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